What we do

We specialize in tailor-made tours and travel management, offering the peace of mind and professionalism that global travel agencies seek.
Our boutique tour operator is dedicated to deliver special interest, nature and private corporate tourism to our worldwide network of travel agencies. Our core principles revolve around providing a clear, prompt, and seamlessly executed service. Each of our exclusive journeys is customized to create unforgettable experiences and deep emotional connections by immersing you in the rich cultural and natural wonders of Chile.
Our travel arrangements are designed to suit the unique interests of your client, whether it’s exploring the driest desert on Earth, sampling and learning about the best wines produced, being in awe of Valparaíso’s cultural heritage, or taking in the majesty of the Eastern Island archaeology.
From the inception of tour ideas to timely and transparent responses to inquiries and modifications, we maintain constant communication with our clients and their executives.
Our unwavering commitment culminates in the flawless execution of tours, ensuring that every traveler’s expectations are met.

At Extremo Norte, our differentiating factors lie in our deep knowledge and extensive experience in the regions of Chile where we operate, as well as the speed and quality of the guidance we provide to other travel agencies.

How we do it

Our Story

We are Jaime Droguett and Marcela Piddo, and we founded Extremo Norte more than two decades ago.
As a boutique tour operator, we specialize in tailor-made travel management, offering unique private tours for travelers who desire to explore the Atacama Desert beyond the ordinary.

Our focus extends from San Pedro to the captivating Altiplano.

With time, our dedication and our clients’ requests have transformed us into experts in the entire Atacama Desert.
We offer diverse approaches tailored to each passenger’s interests, always aiming to deliver authentic and unforgettable experiences.

At Extremo Norte, we take pride in our exceptional guides and our commitment to ‘slow travel,’ fostering a deeper connection with the Chilean environment and its people, distinct from mass tourism.

We prioritize personal experiences, making every journey with us a true exploration of Chile.

Behind our travel management business is a dynamic and dedicated team that's all about making your journeys exceptional.

From travel planning pros who ensure smooth logistics to creative minds who design unique itineraries, every member brings their expertise to the table.

Together, we’re passionate about crafting memorable travel experiences that help your business thrive and connect with the world.

Meet our 5-Stars Team

Jaime Droguett


Marcela Piddo

General Director

Francisco Leyton


Paula Pinheiro-Guimaraes


Sara Flores

Event Coordinator

Lorena Baeza


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