Atacama Desert

Our specialty

The Chilean desert, known as the Atacama Desert, covers over 105 thousand squared meters and four northern regions of our country. Although situated between the sea and the snowed range, it is the driest place on Earth. These conditions result in inhospitable places, where life emerges in unsuspected ways. Travelling for kilometers between sand and rocks under the sun to find an oasis of fauna, vegetation and colours is indeed a unique experience. Clear landscapes decorated with dust, salt, blue skies and white clouds rather turn into an internal trip. The clean sky offers an incomparable approach to the stars. The most powerful observatories in the world, like ALMA and Paranal, are located in the middle of the Andes, far from light contamination of the cities. The closest urban locations are Iquique, Calama, Antofagasta, and San Pedro de Atacama town, with an excellent touristic, hotel and gastronomic proposal.