Private Thematic Tours

Each tour is designed according to the passenger’s interests. Chile is rich in culture, archaeology, fauna, botany, and gastronomy, which you can combine with relax, tourism and unique experiences according to your interest. It does not matter your age or the energy you have, all our experiences are developed jointly, respecting rest time and even modifying schedules as required.

Customized Overland

Travelling long distances in an unknown country is a great adventure, but to fully enjoy the experience we must be aware of many details. Extremo Norte has the experience and logistics to conduct long tours all along Chile. Few countries have the nature diversity that we have, combining extensive National Parks, the Andes, the sea and the desert, all interlaced with moderns cities and a wide variety of hotel proposals. From the driest desert in the world to the millenary ice in the Patagonia!!

City Tour

Extremo Norte has an extensive travelling experience, and we know that the best way to know the personality of a country is through the city life. Each city and each neighbourhood has its own special features that shape its history, its architecture, and its culture. Some places are classic, others are more modern, and there are some of them which are just the perfect combination between the past and the present.

Experience Tour

Travelling means experiencing, admiring, and getting excited with the surrounding environment. There is no better investment than filling the memory and the soul with unique experiences in each place. Cross the desert on a bike, cook traditional dishes of our country, get surprised by the graffiti in Valparaíso and participate painting one of them! Emotions that last forever!

Ground Transportation

Extremo Norte knows that a key part when travelling is transfers, because they result in time reduction and allow focusing in what is important in each trip. We have suppliers all along Chile, all of them directly coordinated by our specialists to prevent delays and make each transfer a time for relax.
  • Transfer for companies and organizations
  • Private personal transfers