Southern Chile & Patagonia

Nature dominates southern Chile

The backbone is a mountain range full of immense snowed-peak volcanoes that every once in a while remind us of their power. Their slopes are decorated with millenary native forests and deep jungles which are just delicious for botanists. All these surrounded by great rivers, turquoise-coloured lakes and archipelagos that seem like floating labyrinths. There is no greater pleasure than admiring the southern landscapes, knowing the culture and tasting the gastronomy. Southern Chile is a magical place, full of legends and traditions coming from different cultures, some local like the Mapuche and others adopted like the German, due to the arrival of immigrants in the last century. Ancient myths of ghost ships and forest beings in Chiloé mix with the traditions and gastronomy delights of German settlers in Llanquihue. Patagonia starts further south, where green turns into ice. The paths lead us to a strong nature valley that has overcome fire, cold wind and the millenary ice of the glaciers. In the background, boosting this Chilean adventure, immense Torres del Paine complete one of the most impressive landscapes in the world.